Surprising Facts About the Incas


The Incas were one of the most powerful and influential civilizations in South America, dominating the region for centuries. While the Incas are famous for their architectural wonders, impressive engineering feats, and sophisticated culture, there are many surprising facts about the Incas that are lesser known. From their religious beliefs to their advanced agricultural techniques, here are some of the most interesting facts about the Incas.


The Incas Believed in Reincarnation

The Incas believed in a form of reincarnation, in which the soul of a deceased person would be reborn into the body of a newborn child. This belief was based on the idea that the soul was immortal and could not be destroyed. The Incas believed that the soul of a deceased person could be passed on to the child, allowing the spirit of the deceased to live on in the new body. This belief was a core part of Inca culture and was reflected in their burial practices and ceremonies.

The Incas Had an Advanced System of Agriculture

The Incas were highly advanced in terms of their agricultural techniques. They developed a system of terrace farming, which allowed them to cultivate crops on the steep hillsides of the Andes Mountains. This system allowed them to maximize the amount of land they could use for farming, and it also helped to prevent soil erosion. The Incas also developed an irrigation system that used canals and aqueducts to bring water to the terraced fields. This system was so efficient that it allowed the Incas to produce more food than they needed, allowing them to store surplus food for times of drought or famine.


The Incas Used a Unique Writing System

The Incas had a unique writing system known as quipu, which was a series of knotted strings. Each knot represented a number, and the strings could be used to record numbers, dates, and other information. The quipu was a very efficient way of recording information, and it was often used to keep track of taxes, census data, and other important figures. This system was so advanced that it allowed the Incas to keep accurate records of their population and their trade activities.

The Incas Built an Extensive Road System

The Incas built an extensive road system that connected their cities and allowed them to transport goods and people quickly and efficiently. The roads were so well-made that they could withstand the harsh conditions of the Andes Mountains. The Incas also built suspension bridges and tunnels to make it easier to cross rivers and ravines. This road system allowed the Incas to travel quickly and easily across their empire, and it was an important factor in their success.

The Incas Worshipped the Sun

The Incas were a deeply religious people and believed in many gods and goddesses. However, their most important deity was the sun god, Inti. The Incas believed that Inti was the source of life and the creator of all things. They worshipped Inti with elaborate ceremonies and offerings, and they believed that he was responsible for providing them with good harvests and prosperity. The Incas also built many temples and monuments to Inti, and they held elaborate festivals and rituals in his honor.

The Incas Had a Complex Social Structure

The Incas had a complex social structure that was based on a caste system. The upper class was made up of the emperor, the nobility, and the priesthood. The middle class was made up of farmers, craftspeople, and merchants. The lower class was made up of servants and slaves. This social structure was very rigid, and it allowed the Incas to maintain order and control over their vast empire.

The Incas Had a Sophisticated Culture

The Incas had a rich and sophisticated culture that was reflected in their art, architecture, and literature. They were skilled artisans and builders, and they built impressive monuments and temples. The Incas also had a complex system of laws and a unique system of government. They also had a sophisticated system of trade and a developed economy. This culture was so advanced that it allowed the Incas to dominate the region for centuries.


The Incas were a powerful and influential civilization that left a lasting legacy on South America. From their advanced agricultural techniques to their unique writing system, there are many surprising facts about the Incas that are lesser known. The Incas had an impressive culture and a complex social structure that allowed them to dominate the region for centuries. The Incas left behind a rich and fascinating history that is still being studied today.